Friday, 17 August 2012

Featuring performers from The Invisible Circus

We are so pleased to say that some of the performers from The Invisible Circus will feature on the line-up at The Cat's Meow Emporium and Kabaret. Our event is inclusive and this fits with the ethos of The Invisible Circus and their stance on community involvement.

The Invisible Circus produce unique circus theatre experiences in a wide variety of unusual locations, from circus big tops and traditional theatres to site specific and promenade performances in disused industrial and historical buildings.

Based in the UK since 2002 the company draws much from its decade of travelling as a street performance troupe in the 90`s exploring Europe's rich performance culture and traditions, working in arts and street festivals, carnivals and creation spaces.

This community emphasis has continued as the company has developed attracting more and more creative energy as it evolves, drawing a diverse range of visual artists, performers, actors, directors, dancers, film makers, choreographers, musicians and technicians to its productions.

We are not going to tell you exactly what they will be doing - you'll just have to come along and see for yourselves.