Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Chocolate Delores


Lizzie Melling aka Chocolate Delores makes the most luscious chocolate cakes; they melt in your mouth and there is often a little after kick of something alcoholic! So that is the taste............but she has turned cake making in to an art form, amazing structures made with pure organic chocolate and beautifully decorated.

Lizzie began her craft at the tender age of 10 learning from her mum in the family home. She has worked as the chief designer and chocolatier at one of Britains leading Organic Chocolate Cake companies but now she has her own company Chocolate Delores the words evoke a pavlovian response.........These are designer cakes, chic, unique . and visually stunning.

Lizzie will be selling wonderful,chocolatey things at The Cat`s Meow perfect for Christmas presents, and you might just see one of her cakes at The Black Cat Cafe.