Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kate`s Kitchen at The Cat`s Meow

We are really pleased that Kate and her team are joining us at The Cat`s Meow.

Since 2007, Kate's Kitchen has been putting flavour into formal and fun occasions at both commercial and private events.They are Bristol’s preferred event caterer for business, corporate events and celebrations of all shapes and sizes.  As a team, they share a passion for preparing top quality food in their own kitchen. Using local and seasonal ingredients as much as they can, they are constantly coming up with new dishes and ideas.

It all comes together in their tasty, freshly prepared, home-cooked menus suited to every possible occasion.

We can`t wait to see how Kate will interpret the 1920s but you can be sure it will be  fresh, seasonal food at Kate`s Kitchen Pop Up at The Cat`s Meow